Students at Nesbitt have the option of either bringing their own lunch or purchasing a hot meal from the cafeteria. Hot meals, including soup, juice, and desert, are available for $XXX. Students may also buy fruit, cheese, cookies, etc. to supplement their meals. Lunch monitors supervise non-cafeteria students throughout the lunch period in designated areas of the school. Lunch Supervision fees cover the cost of hiring monitors to supervise the students. These fees, however, do not apply to regular users of Daycare. Family rates will apply.

Lunch Supervision Fees, approved by the Nesbitt governing Board, for 2019-2020, are as follows:
One child - $XX
Two children - $XXX
Three or more children - $XXX


  • We encourage parents to provide a healthy, balanced lunch for their child.
  • We discourage soft drinks, candy, chips and other "junk food".
  • For health reasons, including food allergies, we discourage the sharing of food among students.
  • For safety reasons, no glass containers or bottles are allowed.
  • Because some children are severely allergic to nuts we ask that you not send peanut butter, nutella or any other nut products to school.