Welcome to Nesbitt

School Profile

Nesbitt School is located in the borough of Rosemont, an area primarily characterized by a working class community with pockets of low-income families. Nesbitt was founded in the 1911 and named after the Nesbitt family in Rosemont.  Students, staff and the school community benefits from the beautiful greenery which allows for outdoor and environmental projects to take place.

Nesbitt provides instruction in two of the three basic instructional programs at the elementary level, offered by the English Montreal School Board. Parents can either select the English Core program (available from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6) or the French Immersion program (available from Kindergarten to Grade 6). Although both programs follow the MEES established curriculum, the amount of time allocated for the English and French languages of instruction differs in both programs.

Among many of the unique characteristics of our school, Nesbitt offers its students hot, nutritional lunches from our school cafeteria. In addition, students can also enjoy a breakfast daily through our partnership with the Breakfast Clubs of Canada. Additional extra-curricular activities are organized by our Home and School Association. These can include chess, cooking, karate, robotics, et cetera. Our Home & School organization also organizes fundraisers to support student life.

Our mission:

Within a safe, supportive and stimulating environment, we, the school staff and parents, inspire a love of learning in all children. We are partners dedicated to the development of each child by providing a comprehensive, bilingual curriculum and diversified activities that empower our students and optimize their full potential. At Nesbitt, we seek to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success and that allows for individual differences and learning styles.

Our Values

At Nesbitt School, we:

  • Believe that all children have the right to be respected and to be educated in a safe, secure and supportive environment.
  • Believe that each child can learn and experience success.
  • Are committed to quality instruction and best teaching practices in order to achieve success for all students in a 21st century world.
  • Believe that education is a shared responsibility between students, staff and parents and that effective communication is essential to students’ growth, development and success.
  • Are committed to foster the academic, social and emotional growth as well environmental awareness/growth of all students.
  • Believe that relationships within the school environment are based on mutual respect.
  • Believe that learning is a lifelong process.